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When things go wrong in the post-purchase experience, your customers demand a fast resolution. Corso can help by quickly replacing your customer's order at no cost to you through our white-glove experience. This will help you focus on building your brand - not talking to carriers about lost packages.

How It Works On Your Cart

After downloading Corso Green Shipping Protection from the App Store, the Corso team will help configure a widget that fits your brand.

We'll seamlessly add the widget to your cart experience.

How It Works For Your Customers

For about 2% of the cart value, your customers will have the option to add Green Shipping Protection to their order. This covers both the shipping protection & carbon offset of the last mile shipment.

In the case of an order issue, the customer can reach out directly to Corso to have the order replaced at no charge to you, the merchant.

Corso pays full price for the replacement order.
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Corso's CX team has a lightning fast response to your customers when ship happens


Claim approval rating on 10,000+ reorder requests in 2022


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